ProAnnexUs - what is it?

It is a convenient way of connecting the service sector to you through your smartphone.

I kicked off with lawyers and accountants, because those are the professions I know best, but ultimately could be any service offering to satisfy a need.

I asked my professional colleagues what they were struggling with. New sources of work was high up there. It is a tough market these days.

I asked you, owners of sme and startup businesses what your pain points were and you said the market was still foreign to you. You are not sure where to go for help.

You also said the service sector could be more user friendly in terms of contact and the way they raise and expect bills to get paid. We all need to make a living - right? However, while the rest of the world is moving to a cashless, card based, convenient society, they were mostly being paid by cheque!

You need to understand what people in similar circumstances are saying about various firms - people that you don't necessarily know but who you can associate with. Oh yes, and by the way if we could run it through a phone that would be great and wouldn't it be awesome as then we can sit at home and pay any bills by credit card through our phone. Convenient AND we get the points!

So I designed ProAnnexUs to hit these complimentary needs. At the end of the day the relationship works if both parties are happy - right?

I also know that this is new and, like most new ideas, is a little scary with plenty of sceptics.

For the beta testing period we want both sides of the market to try this out at no cost

Let me know what you think and how I can improve it. What features would make this attractive to you?

Please sign up for the beta if you are seeking new business as a lawyer or an accountant (more to follow) or an sme or startup and not quite sure who to go to?

We are signing up for beta testing now. Email me at ProAnnexUs