Who Am I?

I am a solicitor.

  • I took the traditional route in my career, going to law school after my law degree and entering private practice where I have been working for 24 years.

  • I broke from tradition and stepped away from being a front-line lawyer in 2008

  • Managing Partner of my business in 2008. That opened my eyes to what it was like to be a client of a law firm and also the business of law. Ooh that was a tricky one!

I attended a conference in 2008, which included guest speakers,

  • Michael Porter (of five forces fame); and

  • Clay Christensen (of disruption fame).

Market forces and disruption were clearly going to hit the profession I loved!

  • The Legal Services Act 2007 was coming into force and the legal market was being deregulated.

  • more competition in what had been, to date, a closed shop for lawyers.

  • I looked for answers as to how my profession could better serve its marketplace.

  • Maintaining the status quo seemed increasingly short termist.

  • Technology was impacting on every aspect of our lives and legal was no exception

I started to look for an exit to enable me to undertake the venture which I knew I had in me, reforming the legal service to make it more accessible to the large swathe of individuals who needed professional help but had no idea where to go for it and who to call upon.

The Legal Services Board came to similar conclusion in their report In Need of Advice?

The idea fermented and tech continued to advance.

A new order in the form of mobile apps was on the move. Obvious really as this is the device most people carry these days. This had to be a way forward - if it was secure enough for the banking and financial industry...

Advanced research into artificial intelligence was starting to impact too.

I had the privilege of meeting the team at Neota Logic when I was on a visit to New York. They have some amazing solutions. It is only going to get better!!