Why did I do this?

Really because I am not very good at being told that I can't do something or that it won't work because...

Mobile technology is huge and keeps on growing. The power of an old style Cray supercomputer in your pocket? Today there is more power in your smartphone than NASA had in 1969 when it put two astronauts on the moon! So I don't believe this technology cannot be made to work for professional services and their clients.

So you can see my problem is that I am not very good at accepting the status quo if I think there is a better alternative (and there usually is!) despite spending my working life as a lawyer in private practice. With limited exceptions, not a profession best known for trying anything (too) new!

However, in 2008 the financial crisis bit hard, the market rapidly toughened, new sources of work were getting increasingly sparse and competition tighter - something needed to change

The trouble is professionals know their stuff but their delivery system was outdated.

Consequently expertise is not available to those who need it

In February I was lucky enough to get to Reinvent Law, run by the excellent folks from Michigan State University. It was a real eye-opener showing what tech is capable of - particularly with the increase in the ability of the smartphone

So mobile makes sense and ProAnnexUs was born because there is an untapped market of smaller, start-up businesses who move quickly and use modern communication.

ProAnnexUs is a solution to an existing problem, how to identify and conveniently engage proper professional help.

Often associated with startups or small businesses but could be anyone.Where do you go and who can you trust to give you the service which is appropriate for your need at a price you are prepared to pay?

So ProAnnexUs was born in June, and working with the excellent team from CleverTech we set about developing an app to address that need.

As a client you control the interaction, get to make an informed decision - nothing new there - but then you get to engage, message, favourite and even pay (yes you still have to pay!) your chosen advisor - all through your phone.

We haven't forgotten the professional side either. They get access to a whole new relatively untapped market, (if you don't believe me check out my earlier blog Who am I? or direct to the Legal Services Board report

Both parties get:

  • convenience of a smartphone
  • messaging
  • notifications
  • upload photos (and aiming for a future release with ID docs verified)
  • accounts raised and paid using our inbuilt secure credit card facility

If you are interested in having a go and giving us some feedback, either professional or client side, click ProAnnexUs to send an email. Any feedback appreciated